Reunion 2015

Our 50th Anniversary Reunion took place in Telford on the 4th - 6th May 2015 at the Telford Hotel and Golf Resort. Events included a visit to Cosford for a tour around both the camp and the Museum and a formal dinner in the hotel. We even had a planned flypast at Cosford by the University of Birmingham Air Squadron which unfortunately had to be cancelled due to bad weather.

Those on parade were

Clive  and Carol Anstis (682)
Terry Blackburn (646)
Gerry and Cristina Dowden (650)

Maurice (Mo) and Jackie Hastings (654)
Al and Anne Jopling (658)
Paul and Polly Lancaster (635)
Gerry and Teresa Linstead (636)
Richard (Archie) Luck (637)
Paul and  Carol Lydon (659)
Bob (Taff) Mace (660)
Dave Pallister (667)

Dave (Taff) Pritchard (669)
Al Reece (671)
Leigh and Dawn Robinson (673)
Dave Rose (674)
Wally and Sue Shatford (676)
Martin Thomas (677)
Iain Trimble (630)
John (Prof) Williams (639)

Trevor (Basher) and Jenny Wright (679)

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2015 the 303rd (Craft Apprentice Entry RAF Cosford)
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